Basic Administrator Examiner – SIC Type Ratings, SOE Limitation removals, Restricted ATP limitation removal, Canadian Conversions, & Foreign Pilot Issuances

Certification Details


I will need to verify your identity prior to issuing any new certificate. Normally this is accomplished by having you provide me a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport in color. Both sides of the DL need to be sent. If the picture doesn’t look like you due to growing a beard, shaving off a beard, completely different hairstyle, fuzzy picture, etc., I will probably need something more accurate so be prepared to have a new picture taken if it comes to that. Once I receive the photocopy I will need to verify it is you by the use of FaceTime, Zoom, or some equivalent means. 


Make sure you have your username and password for IACRA. This will be needed to have you sign your application once I have verified your identity in the program.


Have your FTN available.


Depending on the type of certification you are requesting, there will be documentation requirements. As mentioned prior, a valid government ID is required. Also, for some (but not all) certifications a current valid medical is required. Additionally, be prepared to provide the following documentation:

     1. Photocopies of your current FAA pilot certificates both front and back.

     2. Airman Knowledge Written Test (AKTR) results if applicable.

     3. Letter of Verification is applying for Canadian Conversion or US FAA certificate based on Foreign Pilot certification.

     4. Application filled out in IACRA or on paper if IACRA doesn’t support the application. This is the case for some applications such as          Canadian Conversions. These must be applied for by paper means as IACRA doesn’t support this currently.

     5. Logbook entries validating you meet the aeronautical experience requirements needed for the sought after certificate. This may           mean you will need to photocopy several pages of you logbook and send it to me for verification. It is imperative that this is done           as I cannot issue a certificate unless I can verify you meet the requirements. Simply sending me the final pages of your logbook             may satisfy this requirement but many times it does not. Example is to remove a Restricted ATP limitation. The final totals will not           show that you meet the PIC requirements for cross country or night so you will need to find that in your logbook and photocopy             that. Another area that may delay the process is signatures. The logbooks must be signed by the applicant. If you use electronic             logbooks, an electronic signature will suffice. If you have any questions regarding any of the documents, a phone call to me                     would be in order. 

Certificate Issuance:

Once I have all the documentation and have verified your ID, I will issue the certificate via email so make sure your email is valid and when I send it, ensure you check your spam folder as that is most likely where it will go. 

I highly recommend contacting me as early as possible to discuss exactly what is needed so the process moves forward efficiently and effectively.


I’m sure you will still have questions so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for clarification! My goal is to insure you are properly advised as to the required documentation so we can ensure your renewal is processed and issued in a timely manner.