Remote Pilot

Certification Details


I will need to verify your identity prior to issuing the new Remote Pilot Certificate. Normally this is accomplished by having you email me a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport in color.

Both sides of the DL need to be sent. If the picture doesn’t look like you due to growing a beard, shaving off a beard, completely different hairstyle, fuzzy picture, etc., I will probably need something more accurate so be prepared to have a new picture taken if it comes to that.


Submit your application in IACRA. You will not sign the application until I verify your identity. After you sign, I can then process the application and issue the certificate. Make sure you have your username and password for IACRA when we do the face-to-face meeting either in person or on FaceTime, Zoom, etc. You will be need these to sign your application once I have verified your identity in IACRA. If you need assistance filling out your application, call me, I can help walk you through it.


Have your FTN available.


You will need to provide a logbook showing you are current regarding the requirements of §61.56.

Face to Face Contact:

The final step is to actually make contact with you to validate your identity. I normally do this with FaceTime however, any means available to you is acceptable. I also have a Zoom account that works well.

I can issue Temporary Airman Certificates for those applicants that hold a Part 61 pilot certificate and are current under §61.56. For applicants that do not hold a Part 61 pilot certificate, the process is somewhat different and is processed completely through IACRA directly to AFS-760 for issuance of a permanent Remote Pilot Certificate.


I’m sure you will still have questions, so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for clarification!