Military Competence Certificates & Ratings

Certification Details


I will need to verify your identity prior to issuing the new FAA pilot, flight instructor, or type rating certificate. Normally this is accomplished by having you email me your driver’s license or passport in color.

Both sides of the DL need to be sent. If the picture doesn’t look like you due to growing a beard, shaving off a beard, completely different hairstyle, fuzzy picture, etc., I will probably need something more accurate so be prepared to have a new picture taken if it comes to that.


Make sure you have your username and password for IACRA. This will be needed to have you sign your application once I have verified your identity in the program.


Have your FTN available.

Acceptable Service Records:

    • U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Orders Awarding: Pilot, Senior Pilot, Command Pilot
    • AF Form 8, Certificate of Aircrew Qualification
    • AF Form 942, Record of Evaluation
    • Note: AF pilots just out of UPT and newly assigned to operational units sometimes do not have AF Form 8. In this instance, the training unit Commander may submit a letter on behalf of the applicant to verify he/she has successfully completed pilot training and has successfully passed an instrument competency flight. This will need to be verified on a case by case basis and may take some time for AFB-720 to respond. 
    • U.S. Army Aeronautical Orders Awarding: Army Aviator Badge, Senior Aviator Badge, Master Aviator Badge
      DA Form 759, Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate – Army
    • DA Form 7120-R, Commander’s Task List
    • DA Form 7122-R, Crew Member Training Record
      Instructor Pilot Course/Instrument Examiner Course Diploma
    • U.S. Coast Guard OPNAV 3710/31, Aviators Flight Log Book
    • Note: Verification of instrument qualification is located in the section designated “Qualification and Achievements” per COMDTINST M3710.1G, Coast Guard Air Operations Manual, Appendix E.
    • U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy OPNAV 3710/2, NATOPS Instrument Rating Request
    • OPNAV 3710/7, NATOPS Qualification Rating
    • OPNAV 3760/31, Aviators Flight Log Book
    • OPNAV 3760/32, NATOPS Flight Personnel
    • Training/Qualification Jacket
    • Note: For instructor pilot or examiner, a letter from a Squadron Commander showing NATOPS instructor pilot or examiner designation.

Airman Knowledge Test Report:

For Commercial Pilot certificate issuance you must have taken and passed the MCN test within 24 months of the time of application for a Commercial Pilot Certificate. I will need a photocopy of this test to process your certificate.

For Flight Instructor—Airplane you must have taken and passed the MCI test within 24 months of the time of application for a Flight Instructor Certificate. I will need a photocopy of this test to process your certificate.

Face to Face Contact:

The final step is to actually make contact with you to validate your identity. I normally do this with FaceTime however, any means available to you is acceptable. I also have a Zoom account that works well.

I highly recommend contacting me as early as possible to discuss exactly what is needed so the process moves forward efficiently and effectively.


I’m sure you will still have questions so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for clarification! My goal is to ensure you are properly advised as to the required documentation so we can ensure your renewal is processed and issued in a timely manner.